The ACADEMY is where you can manage your club's future stars. On the left are a number of actions that you can perform for each player. They are:

SCOUT: Use SCOUT to find out more about a player

DEVELOP: Use DEVELOP to train a player to the maximum potential

TALK: Use TALK to increase a player’s loyalty to keep them at the club

Each action is available in BASIC (silver), PRO (gold) and ELITE (black). You can apply the action to a player by dragging it onto the player’s name.
If you want to try for different actions then you can re-roll these for a few coins by tapping NEW. In the bottom-left you can unlock a guaranteed ELITE action.
The counter at the top of the screen indicates when each player will lose a point of LOYALTY. Once a player's loyalty reaches 0 they will leave the club. Use the TALK action to keep your best prospects in your academy.
Using the buttons on the right you can either RELEASE a player or SIGN them once you think they have reached their maximum potential.
If a youth player leaves due to their loyalty reducing too far, you can persuade them back for a few coins using the RECOVER icon on the right.
You will receive a message in your INBOX whenever a new youth player is available.
You can find special items in PACKS that allow you to permanently increase the loyalty of a player or to add to their existing potential.
Tip: UPGRADE your Academy to give yourself a much better chance of unearthing the very best youth players.