Your SQUAD is where you can view the status and details of each of your players.

On the left you can find an overview of your entire squad, and you can use the yellow STATUS button (1) to switch between views. The basic information available for each player is:

BP: Best position - this is the player's favoured position
Name: Name
AG: Age
ST: Strength - this is the player's overall strength value
POT: Potential - this shows how much potential the player has, represented by stars

Each individual view then contains the following information:

F/M: Form/Morale - Morale is shown as a number between 1-9. Form is represented by a circular bar around this number. A player's morale is affected by playing time and off-the-field events and their form by on-field performance and training (2)
FI: Fitness - a player will gain fitness when rested and lose fitness after playing matches
EX: Expectations - this indicates how many games the player has been involved in compared to his expectations that were set during contract negotiations
ACT: Actions - here you can apply actions such as STRENGTH BOOSTS and XP BOOSTS to speed up a player's development or RETRAIN items to change a player’s best position or playstyle.

P: Played - games played
G: Goals
A: Assists
C: Cards - red cards
RA: Rating - average match rating from 1-10

MV: Market value- expected transfer value
WG: Wages - annual salary
RC: Release Clause - the amount that other clubs can pay to sign your player directly
CD: Contract duration - remaining number of seasons left in the player's contract

On the right hand side you will find details about each player's strength modifiers which are age, form, fitness and morale (3).

In addition to this you will also find a player's SKILLS (4). All players have fixed skill slots and the number of these is tied in with a player's overall potential (for example a 3 star player will have at least 3 skill slots). The available slots are:
1) Character trait
2) 2nd position
3) Play style
4) Special ability/role
5) Legend

To activate a SKILL you need to:
1. Make sure all previous skills are active (not just unlocked!)
2. Using an applicable activation item, tap the skill slot and drag the item onto it

Below skills is the player's STRENGTH PROGRESS (5). This is represented by a yellow bar and when this bar is full the player will LEVEL UP.

You can apply unique LOOKS to your top players to give them a permanent XP boost through their career and, in the case of legendary players, unlock their final level up. Players who can have a look applied will have a yellow arrow icon in front of their picture in the squad screen (6). Simply tap this to apply the desired look.

The buttons underneath this are player actions. These are:

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: Renew player’s contract

LOAN: You can put your young players out on loan to gain XP and strength
SELL: List a player on the transfer market

UNSELLABLE: Mark a player unsellable to prevent other teams from making bids

RELEASE: When you release a player they will instantly leave your squad, although you will have to pay them compensation on their remaining salary