What can you expect from the latest update? Let’s have a quick look at the most significant changes to the game...


We have a reworked, faster-paced and more dynamic talent scouting system. The scout list will be refreshed 3 times per day, which will happen around 20 minutes before each match slot. However the bid price will now decrease every second, meaning that it has never been more important to ensure that you time your approach perfectly to snap up the hottest young talents!

In general, all of your main player sources will now update on the same schedule before each match, meaning that your Academy, Talent Scouting and Transfer Market lists all refresh at the same time. You can now carry out all of your managerial duties in one go immediately after participating in a match.


We want managers to be able to unlock their squad’s full potential quicker and more easily. In the new version your players will no longer need to gain XP to unlock their individual skills. You can now simply activate each skill in turn from the moment a player signs. As a result of this, XP boosts will be removed from inventory and any XP boosts that you already own will be reimbursed for coins after the update

As well as this, high-potential players can now gain an instant level-up by having a star-look applied. Simply apply a look in the usual way from the squad screen and your player will instantly level-up. To coincide with this, you will no longer need to apply a star-look to unlock a legendary player’s final potential.


We want our managers to have more control over who is playing and who is rested. So we have removed the mandatory fitness block that prevents you from using players with fitness of 3 or below. You will now be able to put any player into your lineup irrespective of their fitness level.

The decision is now in your hands! However, be aware that a player’s strength will be affected when they play with low fitness and injuries will become much more likely!


The Scout Report has been reworked to help you make immediate improvements to your team. You will now receive a scout report daily containing details of one player that your scout has identified to immediately fill a gap in your squad.

Scout missions (player searches) have been removed in preparation for some upcoming changes to the transfer system. More information will be available soon!


There have been a lot of big changes in onboarding to create a better introduction for newcomers to the game. This includes updates to the tutorial and the overall experience that new players will have in their first few days in the game. We hope that this will encourage an even more competitive game for all of our players!


We have made many small balancing changes throughout the game to improve the overall experience and to keep the game enjoyable as well as challenging.


SEASON will get a make-over in the new update. The new look provides a cleaner and clearer user interface without sacrificing any of your favourite features. As well as this there are dozens of small quality of life improvements that will make your experience in SEASON better than ever.


You will notice some more significant changes coming in the next few weeks as we roll out new updates, including major changes in Team Skills and Transfers.

As the updates are being rolled out you may notice some minor issues. If this is the case please contact our support team through the in-game help menu who will be happy to help out and answer any questions. In the meantime, if you want to meet other SEASON players and chat about the game or your experiences then you can join our international community on Facebook.

See you on the field!