Throughout the season you will be set SEASON GOALS. As you complete goals you gain SEASON POINTS (SP), which can be used to unlock extra bonuses including sponsorship funds, S20 packs and much more.

Your current goals are listed on the left-hand side of the SEASON GOALS page. Each goal is either:
1) Active
2) Completed
3) Collected
4) Locked

ACTIVE goals are those that are ongoing and your current completion progress is shown in the progress bar under the description. Also shown is the number of SP that will be awarded upon completion.

Goals are COMPLETED when the progress bar is full and you have achieved your goal. You can tap these tasks to collect your rewards.

COLLECTED goals are tasks that have been completed and where the SP has already been claimed.

LOCKED goals are not yet available. Some goals will be unlocked at different stages of the season.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see the rewards that you can claim by collecting SP. Each time you hit the milestone on the SP progress bar you can claim your reward!

Each season your Season Goals and Season Points will be reset and you will be challenged with a whole new set of goals and rewards.