The morale value (MO) shows the player's satisfaction with his role in the team. A player can have a morale value from 1 to 9. No player likes to sit on the bench and spending time in the reserves decreases a player's morale. On the other hand taking part in games can increase this value. Low team morale has an impact on the team dynamic value and on your team's match-day performance.

If a player's morale becomes critical (below 3) then it is very unlikely that they will ever recover while at the club. Your only option with these players is to transfer them to somewhere where they will be happier.

The form (FO) value ranges from 1 to 9 and changes after each game. Each victory increases form for the whole team, each defeat decreases it. You will only be able to get a full form boost if your players' play style matches that of your head coach.

Tip: You can also improve a player's form through player training.