A club will fail if it's off the field progress does not match what happens on the pitch. To ensure that your club grows in a sustainable way you should invest in your club's FACILITIES.

Each building has minor and major upgrade levels. Whenever you reach a major level you will unlock better effects and sometimes new facilities. Not all facilities are available to smaller clubs.

The buildings you can develop are:

Basic buildings
HEADQUARTERS Allows you to upgrade all other buildings, increased marketing revenue
STADIUM Increased ticket revenue and home advantage
ACADEMY Increased chance of top talents
TRAINING GROUND Increased training effectiveness and reduced injuries
CAR PARK Increased home bonus

Pro buildings (from level 5)
MERCHANDISE Increased marketing revenue
STATION Increased away bonus

Elite buildings (from level 10)
MEDICAL CENTRE Reduced injury severity
HOTEL Increased home bonus

World class buildings (from level 15)
MUSEUM Increased marketing revenue