TEAM DYNAMICS are a very important factor in the overall strength of your team and will have a noticeable effect on the match outcome.

The Team Dynamics score is composed of several factors:

AGE: Try to find a good balance between experienced pros and hungry young players

COMPETITION: Ensure healthy competition in your squad by making sure you have quality depth for each position

TEAM PLAY: Filling your line-up with team-players will help the team function as a unit.

LEADERSHIP: Strong leaders can help keep chins up when you're in a tough spot.

TEAM MORALE: Low morale is infectious. Make sure every player gets his chance to shine.

STAFF: A manager is only as good as his support staff so ensure your club has quality coaches, scouts and analysts.

YOUTH PLAYERS: Bringing home-grown players into your first-team is great for the team and your fans.

LEGENDS: Having legendary players in the team makes others around them raise their game.

CAPTAIN: This guy is your voice on the pitch, make sure you find someone who commands respect.