You can change your starting lineup by dragging players from the list on the left into the desired position. (1) Don't forget to fill your subs bench, shown on the right-hand side.

Your lineup strength is shown in the top-right corner of the lineup screen. (2)

If any of your players have active ROLE skills then they will be shown in the section above the lineup. (3)

There are two views available for the player list, STATUS and PERFORMANCE. (4)

In the table you will see:
BP: Best Position
SP: Side position

TS: Team skills
ST: Strength
FI: Fitness
F/M: Form/Morale (morale is shown as a number between 1-9 and form is represented by a circular bar around this number)

AG: Age
POT: Potential
P: Games played
EX: Expectations (based on promises made during contract negotiations)

There are FOUR tabs in the lineup screen, LINEUP, FORMATION, TACTICS and SKILLS (5)

Formations are sorted from most attacking to most defensive.

You can train tactics in the TEAM TRAINING section in the PREPARATION screen. Once you have trained a tactic sufficiently it will be shown as available in the tactic section here. Note that different tactics should be applied based on your own strengths and the strengths of the opposition.

When you place a player with a specific ability in your lineup then that ability will be highlighted in the SKILLS section. Once all of the necessary abilities are active then the high-powered TEAM SKILL will be available.

You are able to save your two favourite lineups using the preset lineups button (6)